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Time switches

Electricity is unfortunately not getting any cheaper! So avoid unnecessary consumption by using an analogue or digital timer. In this way you can be sure that your devices and lighting come on when you want.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors are also an excellent means of reducing standby power! By connecting your lighting to motion sensors, you can ensure that no lights burn in rooms where no one is present - you will be surprised how much you can save!

Remotely operated sockets

Anyone who believes that home automation is reserved for the happy few clearly has not yet discovered CoCo solutions. With this highly affordable and easy to install range, you can transform your home into a comfortable oasis in an instant. Control all your lighting with your remote control or smartphone, open your blinds as soon as the sun rises or dim the lights in your living room automatically when that good movie starts.

In other words, nothing is impossible with CoCo home automation solutions.


Keep your home at the right temperature with our thermostats. They are always programmed for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Weather stations

Weather stations